Taras Verkhoglyad
Sales Development Representative, Arloid Automation

Europe Airports and rising energy prices

Europe’s airports are the central transfer hub for people flying across continents and traveling across Europe. These airports receive millions of people every day. In recent years, European airports have begun to think more and more about the economy and ecology. Three factors influenced this: coronavirus, high energy prices in Europe, and global warming. Of course, when the coronavirus began, no one could have imagined how long it could last, the borders between countries were closed, and people sat at home and did not fly anywhere. Airports and airlines were losing millions of dollars daily. Now, after the world has survived the pandemic and life has begun to return to its previous state, Europe is faced with a political problem. Which led to higher energy prices in Europe having jumped to 40-year highs, and inflation is hitting century-old records in Europe. Airports in Europe are facing a new challenge that they will have to solve in the fight to continue the business.

One of the most important programs that can help airports in Europe weather the coming crisis less painfully is Net-Zero 2050. The goal of reducing the carbon footprint by 2050 can be achieved by increasing investment in this sector, through which the world will receive millions of new jobs, significantly lift European economic growth, and achieve universal access to electricity and clean cooking worldwide by the end of the decade. Also, this program will help reduce energy consumption by designing new energy-efficient infrastructure and upgrading existing infrastructure. Ultimately, Europe will be able to switch to zero-carbon energy and fuel sources. This is also confirmed by the European aviation sector, which presented its flagship sustainability initiative Destination 2050 – A route to net-zero European Aviation. This program was based on the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, under which all flights within and depart from the EU, UK, and EFTA, realizing net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Arloid believes our artificial intelligence can help Europe reach zero emissions faster by 2050 by allowing airports to reduce and optimize HVAC use, which will also save airports money. In such a difficult time of crisis, we can help airports save about 30% of their energy costs without initial investment. Our Arloid Automation office is happy to answer any questions and talk to you more about how your company can work towards the European goal!

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