what is arloid.

We build an AI solution that is trained to automatically change HVAC settings based on a calculated comfort index and changing environmental conditions in real-time. As a result, it leads to less energy consumption while keeping an optimal level of comfort.
Such an approach allows you to create microclimates within the building and therefore adjust comfort indexes in different building or office space areas. Also, you will be surprised by what is comfortable for you.
We discovered that an average air conditioner has around 450 different setting combinations, but hardly anyone uses more than the "on" and "off" switch.
In addition to that, buildings are extremely static, which means that HVAC settings might not be changed for a few days, weeks or even months - usually only then when someone complains.
In the meantime, the environmental conditions are changing all the time and should, therefore, dictate the way HVAC settings are adjusted.
We make energy optimisation seamless.


To empower humanity to achieve the lowest energy consumption in Real Estate in the fastest and most intelligent way.


To build the most powerful Artificial Intelligence which automates energy management in Real Estate and solves the problem of unreasonably high energy consumption.

our team

Sergey Shalunov

CEO I Founder
Built and exited 4 business in real estate and technology worth $152M.

Maxim Zubov

Chief Technology Officer | Co-Founder
20 years in software development, MSc in Computer Science from St. Petersburg University.

Vladimir Pushmin

Chief Product Officer | Co-Founder
Former business analyst in energy strategy consulting, London Cass Business School alumni.

Curig Johnston

Senior Advisor
20 years in deployment of automated data analytics and AI solutions in telcos, utilities and gaming.

Mark Moloney

Head of Machine Learning Engineering
20 years in machine learning and data science. Experience includes both startup co-founder and enterprise leadership positions.

Alexander Kolmakov

Data Science Engineer
7 years of experience implementing BigData, Machine Learning and InfoSecurity solutions across various IoT projects as a technical lead. Holds BSc in Computer Science.
If you feel that you can add value and ready to roll up your sleeves to enhance any buildings intelligence in the world, reach out to us and we will have a good conversation for starters.
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