Genuine AI

A building-Specific

No estimated

Responds in real time
to live data

Artificial Intelligence works on live data in real time to build a perfect model of your unique building because manual scheduling and then regression modelling are too limited. Buildings are complex, past data is imperfect and no building, user or weather is ever average.

Your AI Building Model

Factors in building

Identifies HVAC
infrastructure locations

Recognises District
heating and cooling

You might expect us to ask where the aircon units are and what coolant you use. Did you know we also ask what the building is made of and where the pipework runs?

Our AI incorporates the thermal impact of building materials and so much more to get everything just right.

Now Your Model Learns

300,000 commands

Compares that to
real life outcomes

Calibrates itself
and simulates again

Not every building comes with a manual, so your building model now simulates 300,000 commands. It then compares the outcomes against data from your building’s HVAC devices operating in the real world. For every difference it finds, it calibrates and repeats until perfect.

Now for the Analysis

Matching global
comfort indexes

Reducing coolant,
energy and fuel

Aligning to carbon
footprint aims

Our AI now zones your building by its many uses and starts to converge each zone on vital real-world outcomes – temperature, humidity, airflow, comfort and carbon footprint. It does this for the least amount of energy, coolant and cost possible. And then it reports its finding to you.

Your Simulation

twelve months

See potential energy, cost and carbon savings

All from your
building-specific data

The energy, cost and carbon savings are reported to you with a baseline on what you will see in the coming year. This contrast between your building before AI and your building with AI is all based on real data drawn from your building – so you see genuine potential.

Decision Time

No contract locks

No disruption

Fully Transparent

The savings are reported to your very own dashboard so you can see what our AI will save in your building – not just the 30%* in a “typical” building. You can look it over, tweak it and decide to set it live or walk away. No one has walked away yet, but it is important that AI is your choice at all times.
*based on our most recent 10m square foot

One Last Thing


Can use any BMS protocols

Modern and historic HVAC compatible

Maybe you fear your HVAC is not suitable, your cloud is incompatible or your BMS is unconventional. Don’t worry. We are trusted to work with any cloud service and can use any BMS protocols including BACnet, ModBus and LON. We also already work with both the most advanced and historic HVAC.
*Our AI also works with on-site servers

start reducing your energy bill

    start reducing your energy bill

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