January 19, 2022
Sergey Shalunov
CEO & Founder, Arloid Automation

The Real Estate Race to Net Zero: Addressing Talent and Technology Gaps

Sergey is a serial entrepreneur. Growing up in a family of a scientist benefited him in more ways than merely sparking his passion for nanotechnology at a young age. By the time he graduated from university, he had developed a flavour for experimenting, and an entrepreneurial spirit to match. At age 22, Sergey joined his father’s company. Honing his business acumen while leading a sales function, he quickly progressed to the GM role in just a few years.

Following a successful tenure, Sergey pivoted to real estate, building several residential properties and a shopping mall in Russia and Dubai. His curiosity and appetite for trying out new things led to him launching yet another enterprise, now in the IoT space – a company that designed control systems for smart homes. While working on this project, Sergey spotted a much bigger opportunity.

Given the rapid proliferation of air-conditioning and climate control systems in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, there was a need for HVAC smart management and optimization, to keep utility bills under control and reduce carbon footprint.

In 2019 he founded Arloid Automation – an AI-powered solution for energy use optimization.

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