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AI & Hotels: How AI Can Improve Hotel Efficiency & Guest Comfort

Hoteliers have faced immense challenges over the past couple of years, and many are still recovering from the industry’s near standstill. As hotel businesses continue to repair, rebuild and look to the future, providing the right level of guest comfort is more important than ever.

Improving efficiency is traditionally seen as the core method of boosting cash flow, but innovative technology promises an alternative solution. With AI, hoteliers all over the globe are boosting guest relationships, improving occupant comfort and limiting operational costs. It’s no longer about balancing business needs with guest comfort; AI allows both to be continually aligned.

In this blog, we explain how AI can optimise the guest experience and boost operational efficiency at the same time.

Hotel Comfort vs. Hotel Efficiency?

Guest comfort is a tricky thing to plan for – unquantifiable, subjective and often entirely personal. Comfort is also subconscious; a well-performing HVAC system may not be noted down in your online reviews, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t critical.

People will arrive at your hotel from different climates and with different expectations of what thermal comfort means. But failing to meet these diverse expectations can have serious consequences; in fact, research found that 24% of all guest complaints are related to room temperature.

Whilst it may seem that the efficiency of hotel utilities and the guests experience come into conflict with each other, it’s not a question of comfort versus efficiency anymore. AI managed HVAC systems can provide your guests with the highest levels of comfort, whilst saving up to 30% on your utility bills.

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How AI Improves Guest Experience & Efficiency


Personalisation is at the core of the guest experience. Whilst a handwritten welcome note is a great way to add a personal touch, an AI-optimised HVAC system will enable guests to take control of their experience and input individual thermal preferences. With tools for onsite operations teams and guests alike, Arloid’s intuitive mobile application means it’s easier than ever to provide the right experience for everyone.

Response to Occupancy

Hotels consume vast amounts of energy, and HVAC accounts for 65% of it (source). The worst part is, some of this consumption is wholly unnecessary – for example, when the rooms are unoccupied or unrented, or the common areas of the hotel are quiet. The good news is that innovative AI can respond to occupancy rate in real time, temporarily tailing back HVAC settings when rooms are unoccupied temporarily, and conducting a deep setback or shut down if rooms are unrented. This nuanced, zonal control means your operational team can significantly cut back on unnecessary energy wastage.

Green Experience

In the hotel industry, a good guest experience is increasingly being seen as a sustainable one, with 81% of travellers looking to stay in a green hotel in the next year (source). Using AI to optimise your HVAC system can have a significant impact on your environmental profile, providing 30% energy savings within 60 days of implementation. This will have a dramatically effect on your carbon emissions, something which can be leveraged in your marketing to attract more conscious consumers.

Continuous Monitoring

Even the most attuned and proactive hotelier will not be able to anticipate every eventuality. That’s where AI comes in. Continuously monitoring HVAC settings, our innovative AI can provide peak performance on a predictive basis – improving and adjusting conditions before they become noticeably imperfect. More than that, the AI will be able to identify maintenance issues more quickly, improving the speed at which they are repaired.

Future Proof

Smarter guests demand smarter hotels. As technology evolves, the requirements of your guests will evolve too. That’s why it’s important to regularly update your systems and anticipate what the demands of future guests will be. Innovative technology provides the opportunity for hoteliers to distinguish themselves from competitors, and make sure their business is built to last. With smart technologies and cleantech making its way into homes and workplaces, guests will expect to see it in their hotel rooms too.

Boosted Cash Flow

Transforming your hotel for the future doesn’t mean cutting costs and saying job done. More and more hoteliers are striving for cost-based transformations, where cost savings are funnelled into other areas of the business. Considering the fact that our AI solution is available with zero capital investment, it represents a twofold opportunity – the money saved, and the money put aside for system optimisation can all be invested in further improvements.

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Improve HVAC Performance for Better Guest Comfort

At Arloid, we know hotels face unique thermal challenges, but we also know how easily they can be overcome. Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, we help hoteliers worldwide enhance their guest comfort. Capable of delivering results quicker than other optimisation technologies and adapting to real time conditions, our pioneering AI is making waves in the hospitality sector.

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