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How to cut hotels energy costs using AI

Hotels use more energy than offices, housing, retail buildings, and industrial manufacturing according to reports. And this energy usage comes at a cost – planetary, and financial. In fact, hotels account for 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions (source).

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are responsible for maintaining the thermal comfort of hotel buildings, and this presents a significant proportion of their energy usage. With most hotels focused on selling luxury, implementing measures to improve energy efficiency is often seen as a risk to the customer experience. With Arloid’s AI solution, this risk vanishes.

Innovative AI has the power to optimise HVAC performance in a wide range of hotel buildings, while simultaneously reducing comfort index deviation. Instead of making a choice between quality and cutbacks, we enable hoteliers to lower costs and deliver a better guest experience.

In this article, we explain how our AI solution can deliver tangible cost savings to hotel businesses.

Hotel Energy Consumption

Hotels consume vast amounts of energy, particularly through utilities. HVAC systems in hotels across the globe are programmed with one common aim – to optimise guest comfort. For any business, saving money during the global energy crisis is becoming increasingly important. But, when it comes to hotels, there are unique challenges to navigate.

Hotels represent some of the most varied and diverse buildings within a single industry – many are ‘one-off’ buildings. From slick tower block to country manor to beach resort, every hotel has different HVAC requirements. Whilst some hotel chains will set company-wide sustainability goals, each hotel is a unique construction with unique requirements depending on occupancy rate, materials, and location. Blanket measures and metrics don’t work. And, of course, comfort is fundamental to any hotel business’ success; any ‘going green’ cannot disrupt or be detrimental to the guest experience.

In light of this, what can hotels do to address their energy consumption and drive cost savings? According to a report by PwC and Microsoft, AI has the potential to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 1.5-4% by 2030 if implemented in the right way. Is your hotel ready to harness this energy saving power?

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Using AI to Cut Energy Costs

Using AI to cut HVAC costs is gaining traction across the world as more and more hotel businesses wake up to the potential of smart technology to transform their operational efficiency. Invisible to guests, with zero impact on the lavish comfort they expect, arloid.ai works tirelessly behind the scenes limiting energy waste and offering a 30% reduction in consumption. Let’s break down how it works.

Arloid’s solution is unique because we use Deep Reinforcement Learning to train our AI. That means instead of legacy data and manual scheduling, you get a responsive, proactive algorithm that reacts and responds to live data and real time events, understanding how to predict in every environmental condition, not just a preprogramed set.

To start your journey to cost savings in just 60 days, we get to know your building. Creating a precise model of your hotel involves gathering a wide range of data, including occupancy rate, climactic conditions over the course of a year, and construction materials. We map HVAC infrastructure and locate distinct thermal micro zones, allowing for nuanced control. Once everything is set up, the training begins.

The calibration phrase involves running hundreds of thousands of simulations that mirror the course of a year. During this time, arloid.ai learns about your building’s thermal behaviour and performance, and perfects itself for every HVAC device. This allows us to define the best settings for every zone of your hotel, considering external factors like humidity, pollution levels, and airflow.

Optimal settings established, the AI gets to work – proactively addressing fluctuations, limiting electricity consumption, and maintaining thermal equilibrium at all times.

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Benefits of AI Adoption for Hotel Energy Efficiency

Our AI solution offers tangible benefits to businesses across the globe, particularly hotels with their diverse and unique requirements.

From the outset, AI implementation poses no actual disruption to your operations – a key concern that slows the update of sustainability initiatives in the hospitality sector. You also retain full transparency and control of the HVAC system, with a no contract obligation.

Better energy efficiency can enhance a business’ eco-credentials, enabling hoteliers to leverage the marketing potential of going green. A 2021 report found that 81% of travellers wanted to stay in sustainable accommodation in 2022. Our AI solution presents not only on-the-ground cost savings, but also the potential for long-term growth and increased revenue.

AI is proven to reduce utility bills by up to 30%, and has been deployed in buildings across the globe, in many different climates. Use our AI solution in multiple buildings with different environmental conditions across your hospitality business and our AI will learn and respond based on each site’s unique requirements.

With energy prices soaring, the need to adopt efficiency measures has become a business imperative rather than just an ethical choice. In contrast to other companies offering utility optimisation only with significant initial investment, our AI solution is provided with zero CAPEX. Instead, you pay us a proportion of the savings we achieve on your behalf. Simply put, we don’t earn anything until we deliver on our promises.

Energy is in crisis, but our AI is here to protect your bottom line.

Transform Hotel Energy Efficiency with Arloid’s Pioneering AI

At Arloid, we have been helping buildings in industries across the globe achieve better energy efficiency, lightning-quick. With accurate modelling, effective deployment, and full transparency, we enable hotels large and small to achieve their cost saving targets, without any loss to the guest experience.

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