April 13, 2022
Spandana Mudunuri
Sales Manager, Arloid Automation

Feeling the Heat: Why AI is the Solution to Dubai’s Energy Consumption Crisis

Over the past decade, the UAE’s energy infrastructure has been strained to its limit as a result of rapid economic and population expansion and increasingly extreme summer temperatures. That’s why our product has a vital role to play in this market.

Under pressure to meet growing demand for energy, the UAE is readily investing in clean tech and sustainability initiatives. At Arloid, we know tackling carbon emissions head-on depends on addressing consumption. Clean energy alone isn’t the answer to the climate emergency; first, our relationship with energy itself needs to change.

Our most successful seller, Spandana Devi Mudunuri is dedicated to helping businesses in Dubai optimise their buildings’ HVAC systems using our innovative AI. In this article, she explores why Dubai is proving particularly receptive to AI adoption.

Energy Consumption in the Built Environment of the UAE

The UAE has one of the highest rates of electricity consumption worldwide, and the built environment accounts for 70% of this – a staggering figure when compared to the global average of 40% (source).

The region has seen rapid growth and summer temperatures continue to soar. Not only they have risen by 1.5°C in 60 years, but extreme humid heat events are predicted to become more common as a direct result of the climate crisis – especially in coastal urban centres like Abu Dhabi and Dubai (source). As a result of this, HVAC systems in Dubai consistently consume vast amounts of electricity in order to maintain stable and comfortable internal environments for occupants. Improving the efficiency with which these operate is a critical step in the region’s journey towards better sustainability.

Arloid’s product has the potential to transform the UAE’s built environment by optimising HVAC infrastructure. We build precise building models and train our AI using Deep Reinforcement Learning, enabling us to get better and faster results than our competitors. We help buildings at a range of scales and complexities improve their energy efficiency with steadfast accuracy and reliable performance. We believe AI and other cleantech innovations can pave the region’s way from its carbon past to its sustainable future.

The Shape of the Market in Dubai

The UAE has the highest rate of population growth in the Arab region as a result of better healthcare, increased national births, and the continued influx of expatriates seeking to access the abundant business opportunities (source). The region is likewise seeing regular and sustained economic growth, with the IMF predicting a 3% increase in 2022 after a 2.1% expansion in 2021 (source).

Despite a large portion of the country’s GDP coming from oil and gas, residents and key decision makers alike are becoming distinctly aware of the need for greater sustainability. The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy has approved plans to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by the end of 2030 and is aiming to reach Net Zero by 2050 – a plan Arloid are helping to achieve. They are also working on plans to reduce power consumption by 40% because they understand the importance of efficiency in addressing the climate crisis.

There has also been a drive to increase awareness for the impact of single-use plastic across Dubai called ‘Dubai Can’ which has already resulted in a reduction in usage of the equivalent of more than 234,000 500 ml single use plastic water bottles, with over 117,000 liters of water consumed from DUBAI CAN water fountains across the city. Clearly, this is a region that sets targets and meets them. That’s why Dubai is proving a particularly open-minded market when it comes to AI adoption – they can see that our AI is capable of delivering the results they need.

Transforming Environments, Cutting Costs, Saving Energy

The UAE has two seasons, and in the summer utility bills skyrocket, with HVAC systems responsible for 70-80% of them. Reconciling high AC usage and energy consumption with a commitment to Net Zero is no easy task. That’s why Dubai and the UAE need a smart solution that is actually going to get results – up to 30% savings on energy usage, to be exact. Arloid’s AI delivers on its promises time after time, proving it can significantly cut the carbon footprint of buildings without a cost to user comfort.

In the future, awareness for AI is only going to grow stronger as businesses across the UAE come to see how investment in clean technology can deliver better user comfort, smaller bills, and lower electricity usage. We’re helping Dubai and the UAE transform the way their built environment operates, one building at a time. When the heat of summer approaches, and temperatures begin to soar, our AI has businesses in the UAE covered.

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