October 28, 2021
Olga Gonzalez
Marketing Director, Arloid Automation

ESG, Net Zero and Technology: What Global Leaders Should be Discussing – Arloid Automation on COP26.

From Sunday 31st October to Friday 12th November 2021, world leaders will gather in Glasgow to discuss the biggest challenges to our climate, the solutions we can implement, and the goals we can achieve.

Focussing mainly on the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, countries from across the globe will collaborate, with the aim of lessening the effects of climate change. Key goals are to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 (Net Zero), limit global warning to 2°C (preferably 1.5°C), and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for each participating country by implementing the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) each submitted.

But, even to keep warming below 1.5°C, carbon emissions must drop by 50% this decade. Drastic action is needed, and it is needed now.
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Given that there will be 200 countries represented at COP26, the task of conquering each country’s targets with a holistic approach would be mammoth. All participating countries want to reduce emissions, prevent further warming, and build a better future. But how this comes to fruition will vary greatly according to the development status, investment available, and other factors.

As an innovative leader in the energy AI industry, we are only too aware of the major impact humans and our built world has on the environment. We know buildings are huge sources of energy use in developed countries – responsible up to 76% of electricity use in the US and 59% in the UK. And, just within the UK, buildings are responsible for 23% of total emissions – a huge majority that could quickly be reduced.

We also know that deploying advanced technologies, such as AI/ML, to manage HVAC successfully wins the race to net zero. It is via our AI algorithm that we achieve impressive results that – we believe – global leaders should be paying more attention to. In fact, in order for the UK to achieve Net Zero, it was found that all building emissions must be eliminated by 2050 – a goal we can help reach!

While COP26 focuses on helping developing countries implement technology and increase investment in sustainable practices, we facilitate the ‘mitigation’ techniques required in developed countries. We propose our technology leads the way for reducing carbon emissions in real estate, on a scale and level otherwise unachievable without huge investment and infrastructure. Fortunately, technology is on the COP26 agenda, and globally, the role of the technology is recognised as pivotal to achieving climate change goals.

Within the UK, the government is striving to help homes and commercial buildings reduce energy use and maintain comfortable environments within its Net Zero Strategy, looking to make reductions by 2030 using performance-based metrics.

Therefore, we have put forth our suggestions for what global leaders should be discussing at COP26, with a view to helping developed countries improve energy efficiency to minimise carbon emissions and leverage technology.

ESG Initiatives

The result of COP26, the world leaders’ summit, will be a list of initiatives and actions. The Paris Agreement explicitly recognises the role of authorities, society, and the private sector, and encourage these to “scale up their efforts and support actions to reduce emissions”. In order to incentivise and encourage the participation of building owners and large organisations, each leader will have to highlight the importance of ESG.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance. It is a measure of how conscious and aware organisations are about their social and environmental factors – in the spotlight over past decades due to emerging climate change concerns.

ESG is critical as it puts the onus on business owners and managers to take responsibility, implement changes, and appropriately invest in measures. Aligning social and environmental aims with finances (Responsible Investment) ensures corporations suitably invest in solutions and don’t neglect their responsibility.

As it is a measure, scored from data collection and selected metrics, something as black and white as carbon emissions or energy use statistics for the organisations’ real estate could spell disaster for the score. Other metrics may be sustainability measures, investment in staff, and diversity and inclusion.

That’s where technology like our powerful AI comes in. We help organisations optimise energy use and reduce carbon emissions quickly. With zero CAPEX and results within 30 days of implementation, organisations can effortlessly and, importantly, without outlay, achieve the benchmarks for good, sustainable ESG practices.

Through the combination of AI technology and ESG initiatives, organisations can see impressive results in line with COP26 targets. Importantly, these achievements happen automatically, with minimal operation time, and with no capital.

In just a short time, we have garnered impressive results with arloid.ai: energy cost savings of up to 30%, carbon footprint reduction of up to 30%, and more. And don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we automatically turn off HVAC systems to conserve energy – we have also seen increases of building occupancy comfort of up to 60%!
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Arloid.ai and COP26

The road to Net Zero by 2050 is no doubt a long one, but with recognition of advanced technology solutions like ours, results can be seen fast. We aim to raise awareness of our effective technology and deploy in countries across the world to help us all reach our collective environmental aims. From assisting one organisation in improving energy use, to helping multinational corporations achieve ESG goals, the significant and proven success of our technology should not be understated.

So, our message to world leaders is to turn to technology – existing solutions – that will achieve goals in current environments, with benefits for the future. Optimisation is the key to mitigating and adaption methods, promoted by the UN and other key players.

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