April 6, 2022
Dory El Hajj
Director of Sales MENA, Arloid Automation

Energy Efficiency Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia -Vision 2030

Since its inception in 2010, the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC) has focused on the development of a national program aimed at improving and raising the efficiency of energy consumption in three main areas which account for more than 90% of the domestic energy consumption. These are buildings, industry and road transport. The Center’s approach has included the launch of energy efficiency initiatives in cooperation with more than 30 governmental and semi-governmental agencies, leading to the development of more than 80 initiatives. In 2018, SEEC’s mandate was expanded to include the full scope of energy efficiency including electricity production and transmission as well as its use in water desalination. The SEEC is also responsible for improving efficiency in industrial processes which make use of feedstocks.

An important step towards greater energy efficiency in domestic industry saw the Kingdom’s application of comprehensive regulatory frameworks to more than 180 separate production facilities, helping to ensure the sustainable development of the Kingdom’s industrial capacity into the future. Improving the efficiency of buildings is also a major focus of government efficiency efforts, with 26 standards and regulations having been passed to improve energy usage. In addition, road transportation has benefitted from several initiatives designed to improve its sustainability.

These efforts were accompanied by the implementation of a number of key enablers such as the application of strict control measures for energy efficiency products, as well as the development of national capabilities through specialized and general training courses. Awareness campaigns were implemented at the national level, in addition to providing licenses to energy service companies that allow them to implement projects to audit and renovate buildings.

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