March 17, 2022
Sophia Bhaumick
Senior Marketing Manager, Arloid Automation

Darul Ghufran: The First Smart Mosque in Singapore

Darul Ghufran, the largest mosque in Singapore decided to embark on a green journey in 2019. After renovating the establishment, Darul Ghufran actively focused on becoming a smart building and took impactful steps to reduce the energy and carbon footprint of the building. In 2021, Arloid Automation and Darul Ghufran’s journey to becoming the first mosque utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Singapore commenced.


Before the start of optimization, Arloid Automation arranged a centralized HVAC connectivity using B17 gateway as well as training the algorithm using Deep Reinforcement Learning. Next, Arloid started the optimization in November 2021 where at that time Arloid AI was controlling 44 out of 77 FCUs. To improve results, Arloid carried out the works to extend HVAC connectivity to 100% and fine tune AI work considering the mosque management and tenant’s feedback. Through the continuous and autonomous work of Arloid AI, this currently results in 12% energy savings after the first month of work.

“We are excited to see in action delivering real savings especially considering the recent energy price hikes. We value our fair commercial arrangement and the fact that the system is safe and reliable. We look forward to seeing in other mosques in Singapore.”



After three months of continuous AI operations, Arloid has managed to achieve savings of 8,535 kWh for Darul Ghufran Mosque. To calculate baselines and verify savings, Arloid is utilizing Option C of the IPMVP measurement and verification protocol, which considers Cooling Degree Days and the Occupancy as two essential variables of calculating the accurate baseline. A successful implementation of has now made it possible to claim the status of the first mosque in Singapore to implement a cutting AI to achieve energy efficiency.

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