November 5, 2021
Vladimir Pushmin
CPO and
Arloid Automation

COP26 – technology is finally here to lead to Net Zero

COP26, taking place now in Glasgow, is a major event in the business agenda not only for the UК, for the world.

Taking place 6 years after the infamous Paris Convention, this summit has a clear distinction – we are now beginning to see the practical application of technology to tackle the climate change. More, the UK government is now forcing the private sector to present detailed plans to achieve Net Zero by 2050. And the plans have to be presented in less than 14 months.

Bill Gates said, “at COP26 we need to think about how to turn lab-proven concepts into ubiquitous products that people want and can afford to buy.”

The key here is – affordability. Technology enthusiasts and brilliant minds have been developing some of the most incredible ideas and products behind closed doors. Many of these remained being prototypes due to unaffordable costs.

Technologies, like AI/ML, digital modelling, have been in development for decades. Mainstream deployment of these was a big question as cloud computing wasn’t widely spread as well as the data (volume and quality) was far from being sufficient. Cost of processors and microcontrollers, which are the main source of data points, was relatively high. Connectivity – reliability, speed and bandwidth, – another critical parameter, had to be improved. All the above had to come together to enable the final breakthrough and, at COP26 we witness an explosion in a truly wide range of AI/ML applications for climate change.
Now, as technology has begun becoming truly affordable, it is the right moment to exploit it’s possibilities. AI/ML, as an example, is very useful in thorough analysis to uncover inefficiencies as well as suggesting the necessary improvements.

In Arloid we use Deep Reinforcement Learning and Digital Twin to find how much carbon footprint can be reduced and how much energy can be saved through eliminating human error and through optimization of HVAC systems management.

In just 30 days we can analyse the energy behavior of a building and in 30 days we can show you how much can be saved.

Get in touch with us to learn about our work and how we can help you to win race to Net Zero.

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