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What is ASHRAE & Its Role in the Built Environment?

With more than 56,000 members across 132 countries, ASHRAE is a significant presence in the world’s built environment. Continually pushing for advancements to occupant wellbeing and energy performance, they are leading the way when it comes to the creation of a sustainable HVAC&R industry.

At Arloid, we know the impact of ASHRAE on the global HVAC stage. We designed our innovative AI to help everyone from building managers to HVAC professionals to business owners discover the benefits of better system performance, and comply with ASHRAE standards.

In this blog, we explain everything you need to know about ASHRAE and its role in the built environment.

What is ASHRAE?

ASHRAE was formed following a merger in 1959 between the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers and the American Society of Refrigerating Engineers. Together, they formed ASHRAE: the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers. Their mission? To advance and evolve the way we manage the thermal environments of our buildings to better serve occupants, minimise energy consumption, and protect our planet’s future.

Role of ASHRAE in the Built Environment

ASHRAE advances human wellbeing and sustainable development in the built environment through HVAC&R. It does this through a combination of research, standard setting, education, and engagement. Above all, ASHRAE is committed to remaining the most authoritative source of information in HVAC&R, as well as staying abreast of the latest insights to keep its members working at the forefront of the industry.

Currently, its research plan focuses on resilience, environmental quality in buildings, the transmission of airborne infectious viruses, sustainability, decarbonisation, energy use, energy resources, and HVAC equipment.

It also supports and campaigns for the development legislature surrounding industry issues – with energy consumption always a key concern. Its members also guide politicians in a range of different committee meetings and briefings throughout the development of new initiatives on a national and local level. ASHRAE then communicates these government actions to its members, helping HVAC&R professionals continually evolve in line with the field’s sustainable future.

What are the ASHRAE Standards?

One of the most crucial functions of ASHRAE is developing the standards that define, guide, and enhance the delivery of goods and services to the public in the HVAC&R industry. These standards ensure all ASHRAE members have access to the latest procedures, insights, and information when designing, installing, and maintaining HVAC&R equipment.

The standards are set by the guideline project committee, and they have a broad focus that encompasses all aspects of the field, including refrigeration, emissions, energy conservation, and occupant thermal comfort. You can explore the 87 active standards here.

Meeting ASHRAE standards relies on rigorous processes and working with the latest industry innovations. Our pioneering AI technology was designed to help building managers achieve the best possible performance from their HVAC systems. Lower energy costs, better occupant wellbeing, full compliance with all relevant ASHRAE standards – that’s the Arloid solution.

ASHRAE Certifications

ASHRAE also offers 6 certification programmes that aim to support the development of professionals in the industry. These are:

  • Building Commissioning Professional.
  • Building Energy Assessment Professional.
  • Building Energy Modelling Professional.
  • High Performance Building Design Professional.
  • Healthcare Facility Design Professional.
  • Operations and Performance Management Professional.

ASHRAE & Sustainable Development

ASHRAE plays a powerful role in sustainable development, addressing global issues like climate change and indoor air quality and speaking on the global stage to its members and the wider public. At heart, the organisation is set on supporting the advancement of sustainable technologies and practices within the industry – not only when it comes to HVAC, but through the entirety of building operations.

ASHRAE has been key in developing our understanding of how occupant behaviour is key to reducing energy use; how optimising buildings for users means optimising buildings for the planet too. Most importantly, ASHRAE supports that idea that the wellbeing of people and decarbonisation in the built environment don’t have to be at odds.

And innovative technology like AI and smart energy management systems holds the key to driving forwards both of these aims. At Arloid, our solution to HVAC optimisation is capable of providing energy savings of 30% in just 60 days – whilst improving occupant comfort at the same time. The sustainable future of the HVAC&R industry is already here.

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