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UK airports and Net-Zero targets

The UK aviation industry has committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through an international approach, working with governments around the world and through the UN.

London airports have begun to announce their goals to achieve net-zero. Heathrow airport is becoming carbon neutral and is working to operate zero-carbon airport infrastructure by the mid-2030s.

Every year the airport reduces emissions from its activities and plans to reach more than 90%. Heathrow is developing a critical decade plan – Network Goal Zero – to decarbonise airport infrastructure, decarbonise flights, and help the industry reach zero by 2050. The UK recently shocked everyone with the news that as early as next year they plan to make the first net-zero carbon transatlantic flight in 2023.

To ease this steady jump for one of the world’s busiest corridors, Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps has invited the international sector to work with the UK government to deliver a 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) demonstration flight before the end of next year. London City Airport then set its net-zero target for 2030. London’s City Airport has updated its plan to become net-zero, accelerating its implementation plan by 20 years. The original target was 2050 to get ahead of a move by large corporations to cut flying to reduce emissions. The goals include phasing out gas to heat their buildings, ensuring that all airport vehicles go electric, becoming a zero waste destination, and banning all single-use plastics. The airport stated, “working closely with industry partners and the UK government to understand how the airport can facilitate low and zero emissions flights as technology become available.”

Arloid believes that our artificial intelligence could help the UK reach its net-zero emissions by 2050 target more quickly by allowing airports to reduce and optimize HVAC usage, which would also save airports money. Our Arloid Automation UK office is happy to answer any questions and talk to you more about how your company can work towards the UK Government’s goals!Let’s move one step closer to a greener future!

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