January 12, 2022
Vladimir Pushmin
CPO and Co-Founder, Arloid Automation

Interview with a Partner NCC. Where UAE stands on the path to Net Zero?

“There are lots of out-of-date infrastructure in the country, that cost its owners a fortune in comparison with similar modern facilities.”

Arloid Chief Product Officer Vladimir Pushmin interviewed NCC Vice President Vladimir Shelepov to share his thoughts on where the UAE stands on the path to Net Zero.

Vladimir Pushmin:

Tell us about NCC

Vladimir Shelepov:

NCC is a leading IT holding that unites companies operating in distribution, production, service, system integration, management consulting, development, and implementation of software solutions.

We provide integration services for clients in the UAE and MENA region. Over 30 years, NCC has conducted and contributed to various high-profile projects on the Russian and MENA markets.

Vladimir Pushmin:

Why did you decide to expand to the UAE?

Vladimir Shelepov:

The UAE is a modern and constantly growing country. The UAE makes their progress toward the Future with its own, unique approach adapting ultra-modern technology and at the same time respecting traditional ways and historical heritage. Such approach will make creating business in the country very attractive.

In addition, the UAE is beneficial for business activities from a geolocation perspective. Being the cross-roads for many trading routes, it is within easy reach to any GCC countries, African and Indian countries.

Both these aspects make the UAE in general, Dubai in particular, an attraction point for international expansion.

Vladimir Pushmin:

Why did you add an energy optimisation to your product portfolio?

Vladimir Shelepov:

Concern for the Environment was always an NCC priority when it came to adapt new technologies and products.

These topics are becoming even more relevant and urgent today. Catastrophic climate change makes a lot of countries concerned about the current situation and our Global Future.

The UAE among other countries in the Middle East set net-zero targets and actively look for possible solutions to reach that target.

So, it comes naturally to be concerned about our planet’s future and about the future of our children and next generation. It is simply our duty and obligation to make everything possible to minimize our impact on the environment.

Vladimir Pushmin:

What do you think led to such a boom in energy optimisation offering in the UAE?

Vladimir Shelepov:

The UAE is modern society and an early adopter when it comes to the question of modern technologies. The title “the first in the world” became association with this Arab country.

Global energy crisis, environment concerns and constant consumption growth lead to high demand for energy optimisation and alternative energy resource solutions.

Moreover, there are lots of out-of-date infrastructure in the country, that cost its owners a fortune in comparison with similar modern facilities, which also make it desirable to find a way to minimise the monthly energy bill as much as possible.

Vladimir Pushmin:

Why did you decide to add Arloid to your portfolio?

Vladimir Shelepov:

Energy optimisation solution is in high demand. It is not always possible to implement modern energy effectiveness and an environmentally friendly solution.

Thus, NCC sees the monumental benefit of adding Arloid solution to its portfolio. This now makes it possible to expand NCC offering to their customers and add such solution to other proposed services.

That makes NCC more competitive within the market and adds value in comparison with NCC competitors with similar proposals.

Vladimir Pushmin:

Are you planning to expand to other GCC countries? Are they ready for such technologies?

Vladimir Shelepov:

By establishing a branch in Dubai, NCC aims to go international and expand its business activity globally, with the UAE as a starting point. NCC has already extended its broad activity in the UAE and has included GCC and African countries for business activity.

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