March 23, 2022
Robson Utete
Chief Information Security Officer, Arloid Automation

HVAC Automation & Data Security: How Safe is My Data?

Harnessing the power of AI to drive HVAC optimisation does not come at the cost of data security. At Arloid, we know the IT landscape can be full of hidden risks and cyber threats. That is why we are committed to safeguarding our client’s data and delivering watertight system security without fail.

From access control to data encryption to constant compliance and regular monitoring, our security team implement a range of all-encompassing safety measures as standard. To find out more about AI and data security, we spoke to Arloid’s Chief Information Security Officer Robson Utete.

Controlling Access to Data & HVAC System

Restricting access to sensitive, confidential data is a key component of our security policy. According to Robson Utete, “the big challenge with data these days is information exposure. The more your data is exposed and easily accessible, the more likely you become a target for cybercrime”.

To that end, we put rigorous checks in place to ensure system access is limited to “need to know” users only. Anyone seeking access will need permission from the client and senior management within Arloid, and will also need to use multi-factor authentication checks.

Beyond this, we connect our system and the client’s HVAC system through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), limit access to authorised users only. We also deploy our platform in the best cloud environment in the region using hyperscalers, ensuring optimised system security at all times.

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Data Encryption & Segregated Storage

In our data economy, some contend that data is more valuable than oil. At Arloid, we know how important information security is to our clients, which is why we take every measure we can to minimise exposure. We adhere to all the relevant Data Protection Regulations of your region including storing data locally encrypting data in use, in motion and at rest – providing optimum levels of protection.

At the outset of any project, we conduct Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA), ensuring we connect to each client site in the most secure and efficient way and collecting only data required for the AI. We set up secure VPN via Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), meaning all data and communication is fully encrypted. During these initial stages and the simulation phase of our modelling process, interfaces and code transmission is limited, ensuring access even within Arloid is ‘read only’.

When it comes to data storage, we anonymise all client data by creating a unique site ID for each dataset. We then segregate this data in storage, minimising the risk of breaches; live data remains in the production environment, whilst test data is stored in the development environment.

For Robson Utete, guaranteeing data security is critical. “Clients can rest assured we do everything in our power to protect their data. We take all the precautions we can before we use or access the site – implementing best practice at all times, and fully adhering to ISO27001”.

Regular Monitoring & Support

An outdated system can lead to vulnerabilities, which is why continuously keeping software up-to-date is another key part of our security strategy in addition to defence in-depth. More than that, we continuously monitor our platform and our clients’ systems, ensuring we identify any potential threats well in advance.

Robson Utete calls this approach ‘proactive monitoring’; “if something suspicious happens with any client data, we are immediately available to investigate the risk and prevent an attack from taking place. We are always ready to intercept a threat in motion, minimising the chances of a successful breach”.

From vulnerability management and patching to staff access control reviews, our holistic security strategy ensures all data we handle is safe. Led by our key principles of privacy by design and defined segregation of duties, security is not just an add-on service for us, it is fundamental to our processes.

Optimise Your HVAC Infrastructure with Secure AI

AI is capable of providing the solution to real-estate decarbonisation, but fears of data security can be a significant barrier to AI adoption. With Arloid, you can feel confident that we take the safety of your systems and data extremely serious. We constantly monitor our platform, keep data encrypted, and minimise unnecessary access. For HVAC optimisation that is fast, accurate, and, most importantly, safe, we are your total solution.

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