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How AI is Enhancing Expo & Exhibitions

AI is making its way into every aspect of our daily lives – and that includes our events. From enhancing the visitor experience to optimising behind-the-scenes operations, AI is being utilised in expo centres all over the globe. Managing resources, forecasting attendance, improving HVAC performance – the applications are endless.

Arloid is behind some of the world’s most advanced AI for HVAC optimisation, working with businesses and organisations all over the globe. If you’re looking to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%, we can provide your solution – with zero capital expenditure, and zero disruption.

In this article, we outline some of the ways AI is being deployed throughout the exhibitions industry.

Expo Planning

Any large scale event like a conference, trade show, or exhibition requires a lot of planning. But AI is transforming the way in which expo centres and event organisers alike prepare to welcome the world.

On a practical level, AI offers accelerated decision-making when it comes to locating event partners like caterers and decorators, identifying the best options from the data available, and automating labour-intensive processes like registration.

AI can also help organisers gain the insights they need to optimise future events via processing data collected from visitors at presentations, keynote speeches, and networking events. Hugely adept at processing large volumes of data, the AI can then provide real time feedback to help planners make more accurate strategic decisions.

As for the design of your expo, AI has plenty more to offer. A range of organisers are utilising intelligent systems that collate designs, themes, and content from all participants, and plan the space in the most efficient way.


AI is making waves throughout the expo and exhibitions industry by enhancing venue security. For any event where large volumes of people gather, this is of paramount importance.

Not only can AI be used to automate and improve the accuracy of processes like checking identities of attendees, but it can also integrate with facial recognition and biometric registration technologies to offer watertight protection.

By harnessing AI to recognise faces, recall information about attendees, and track the number of people present in real time, you’ll be able to manage crowds more effectively, and identify security issues before they become a tangible threat.

Visitor Experience


AI is often utilised at expo centres to streamline attendee communications. This might be through physical robots that patrol the space, handle the meet-and-greet, and provide directions, or chatbot apps on visitor devices that can provide support on demand.

With AI handling your communications, volunteers and staff will be freed up to focus on more important tasks, improving the quality of the event. Exhibitors will also be able to spend more time truly connecting with visitors, rather than distracted by low-skill tasks and simple questions. 


With visitors increasingly demanding personalised experiences from expo events, AI is being used to understand and process individual behaviour and previous responses in order to build a visitor profile.

With interests and preferences in mind, AI can provide smart recommendations on the speakers, pavilions, and stands they should visit, offering an enriched experience. And happier visitors equal a more successful event.

This personalisation of the expo industry also benefits exhibitors who can gain insights on the level of interest to expect before the event, allowing them to save money by planning accordingly. Event underway, they can go on to capitalise on genuinely engaged and interested prospects.


AI supports strategic attendee matching by collecting and processing a wide range of data about different people at your expo, ensuring they are directed towards the traders, stands, and presentations that best reflect their interests.

This results in enhanced networking events where attendees are put in contact with people who share the same interests or challenges, and have similar goals within the industry. And valuable connections are what expo events are all about.

Event Quality

Many expos are harnessing the power of AI to create immersive experiences for visitors, aided by the latest virtual reality technology. For some, this has been about providing immediate, more accurate access to personalised information. For others, the AI becomes the attraction itself; at the UK pavilion of the Dubai Expo 2020, an AI poet was the star of the show.

Simply put, incorporating AI into expo centres and exhibitions is creating a better visitor experience for all – personalising the experience and enhancing the way attendees connect with the content and each other.


Another reason AI is being readily incorporated into expo centres is its ability to support accessibility. The use of chatbots and physical robots is helping visitors with special requirements access the support they need on demand. 

Data analytics based on visitor profiles and the venue itself can also be processed by AI to identify and recommend solutions to accessibility issues. And, for expos attracting a global audience, AI can also assist with instant content translations.

HVAC Control

Expo centres and spaces face a number of challenges when it comes to HVAC control.

  1. An ever-changing influx of visitors who all need to be comfortable.
  2. Different areas with different thermal requirements e.g., auditoriums, storage rooms, catering spaces, meeting rooms, event halls, indoor and outdoor spaces.
  3. A range of different event types, some of which (car or cooking shows, for example) require more frequent air turnovers.

Overcoming these challenges is no mean feat for expo building managers. But here, too, AI is transforming the industry – optimising HVAC systems to create a more stable internal environment for event spaces.

To achieve this, the building is split up and zoned into distinct microclimates. This allows the AI to identify the best settings for each unique area that will achieve the optimum thermal conditions, whilst using the least energy. Processing live data in real time, AI is able to proactively maintain an equilibrium of user comfort and energy efficiency – in spite of occupancy variations and weather shifts.

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