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Hotels of the Future: How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Hospitality Industry?

The use of AI in the hospitality industry is still in its relative infancy, but the possibilities for adoption are vast. Though technology will never entirely replace the human touch that is at the core of the guest experience, AI integration can automate tasks, predict trends, and optimise building operations. With hotel businesses always looking to better meet the requirements of global travellers, AI is a powerful and increasingly important tool.

Arloid is helping hospitality businesses all over the world improve the efficiency of their buildings. Not only does AI hold the key to optimising energy usage and reducing emissions in this sector, but it also has the power to improve the overall comfort of guests through better HVAC performance.

In this article, we explain the different ways in which AI will shape the hotels of the future.

Guest Communication & Personalisation

Many hoteliers will tell you that the definition of an outstanding service is a personalised one. Knowing the personal preferences of guests and predicting their needs has the potential to set your hotel apart from your competitors, and build customer loyalty.

AI offers a way of retaining and centralising information about guests, and analysing it more efficiently. As a result, hoteliers can expand the range of personalised services they can provide, and uncover new methods of impressing guests.

Not only that, but chatbots or robot concierges like the Hilton’s ‘Connie’ can streamline communication with guests pre and post stay, learning and adapting in real time to resolve queries much more quickly. AI can also assist with super-fast translations to ensure communication with international guests runs smoothly.

Automation of Routine Tasks

Of course, many tasks hotel staff undertake are customer facing, however many of them are not. By utilising innovative AI, you can automate these ‘back office’ activities, improving the efficiency at which they are carried out. Everything from booking systems to Wi-Fi to room service can be automated with the right technology. Doing so offers numerous benefits, freeing up your human hotel staff to deal with more complex aspects of hotel service, further streamlining the guest experience.

Hotel Energy Efficiency

AI is shaping the future of the hospitality industry, and so is the climate crisis. Hoteliers all over the globe are looking for ways to cut their carbon emissions, reduce utility bills, and improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. Here, AI also holds the answer.

Many hoteliers are already optimising their HVAC systems using AI for better overall efficiency. Other methods such as manual scheduling can be used, but none are anywhere near as effective. In fact, AI trained using deep reinforcement learning offers an unparalleled solution to HVAC optimisation, providing energy, coolant, and fuel savings of up to 30% in just 60 days.

More than that, AI is capable of improving occupant comfort – defining comfort indices and proactively restoring ideal HVAC settings when conditions or occupancy rates change. Guests can even define their chosen comfort level for total satisfaction – returning to our earlier point about personalisation.

By optimising their building management using AI, hoteliers will be able to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the guest experience all at once. In a recent article, we explored this phenomenon further, but simply put, for hotels of the future to be green, they also need to be smart.

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Occupancy & Demand Forecasting

Any hotel business will know that understanding occupancy patterns is crucial. Predicting slow periods means you can adapt your pricing strategy or boost marketing efforts, allowing your hotel to better navigate profit-threatening times of year. Of course, most hotels can demand forecast through experience and legacy data, but smart technology can deal with a much larger live dataset at any one time.
AI will be able to gather data from a comprehensive range of sources including local and regional trends, competitor pricing, hospitality trends, and international relations, providing a much more comprehensive overview of the situation for your business. And, better yet, the insights will be available within minutes!

Maintenance & Facilities Management

AI is capable of supporting facilities and site operations teams, automating maintenance scheduling and centralising facilities management into one platform. Not only will this make the work of repairs and maintenance more efficient, but it will improve the speed at which problems are recognised and put right – reducing the risk of guest dissatisfaction.

The comprehensive dashboard we use at Arloid provides facilities management teams with the ability to quickly check and adjust HVAC settings if necessary, at zone or device level and in real time. We also work closely with hotel operations teams, ensuring the performance of HVAC is consistently exceeding guest expectations. With innovative AI supporting FM, hotel service delivery can be more consistent, reliable, and energy efficient.

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Reputation Management & Marketing

There are numerous opportunities to utilise AI for the benefit of hotel marketing. Once again, the capacity of AI for data capture and analysis is vast, efficiently producing actionable insights based on customer and industry trends as well as global events. Some hoteliers also predict virtual reality becoming used as a pre stay tool, enabling prospective guests to experience what the hotel will be like when they get there.

And marketing doesn’t end with customer acquisition. In our age of social media, after care and reputation management is critical. Here, too, smart technology comes into its own. Able to crawl a wide range of social media platforms and review sites, AI can quickly gain an intricate understanding of perceptions of your brand, respond to situations in real time, and identify ways to improve customer relations.

Future Proof Your Hospitality Business with Pioneering AI Technology

AI is making waves across every aspect of the hospitality industry. With hoteliers always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience, smart technology offers new avenues for innovation. And, in our era of climate crisis, it’s the businesses who innovate who will stand the test of time. With many travellers looking to roam sustainably, and net zero targets on the agenda for all sectors, arloid.ai is the tangible and efficient way to reducing building emissions now – not in a decade’s time.

If you want to find out more about our smart solution for hotel HVAC optimisation, contact us today.

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