Sergey Shalunov
CEO & Founder, Arloid Automation

Happy Birthday Arloid!

Congratulations to my fantastic Team – my family, on its anniversary! Last week Arloid celebrated its Birthday across London, Berlin, Dubai and Singapore.

I’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the significant milestones that got us to where we are today:

Autumn 2018 – We established Arloid, a new project with Katsiaryna Haurylik in Singapore.

June 2019 – Locating in Singapore, we tested the market with my colleague Vladimir Pushmin and found that high energy consumption is the biggest problem.

July 2019 – We finalised the formation of the idea of the new product AI for energy saving in Real Estate.

September 2019 – The CTO, Maxim Zubov, joined us and started building the R&D team from scratch.

January 2020 – Pre-seed Investment Round closed successfully.

July 2020 – Launch of product-market fit.

September 2020 – HQ and I moved to London.

October 2020 – The first pilot building connected.

March 2021 – Seed Investment Round happened successfully.

March 2022 – Due to the political situation, we closed down the offices in Russia. But we did not leave our people behind, our development team were relocated to Dubai.

March 2022 – Arloid made its first revenue from our first customer.

It’s been a long journey, and yet it’s only beginning. Being in Arloid, each of us is involved in the recovery of our planet. This is a noble activity to reduce the carbon footprint in real estate. And it is not just nice words. It is the real future of our children. Arloid is committed to sustainability values and follows them even in our routines.

Big thank you to my teammates and all our partners and customers who have contributed.

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